And what happened to that hilariously stern British dentist from Se04 of the Simpsons? Teeth, Tim Hortons, Roosevelt, & other nonsense.
"Oh well, whatever, never mind."
Queens of the Kingdom, Kings of the Road, Motel Memories...
Part 1 of a 5-part series
by...not handling it, basically.
...and I don't know how to feel about it except crushing sadness
Silver & Gold
on my 36th birthday
You can't change the future. You can't change the present. You can only change the past. - Bob Dylan in 2012
Chess & Checkers
Plus a musing on Fathers & Sons & AD ASTRA (2019)
John Ashberry's "At North Farm" & Mary Oliver's"Wild Geese," & Thomas Wyatt's "Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind."